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Faculty and Staff,

We are pleased to provide you information about a new set of standards for copier equipment for use at the Center for Health Sciences. In today's academic/business environment it is critical to provide our faculty and staff access to the most durable, efficient and functional equipment on the market. After thorough review by the offices of Information Technology and Business Affairs utilizing measures of copy volumes, cost components, support issues, and user comments a standard for equipment has been recommended and adopted.

The standard is as follows:

All future copier equipment (multifunctional devices that include copier, scan, and print capabilities) purchases will be made through our partner - Ikon Office Solutions (State of Oklahoma Contract.) We have developed a standard for Ricoh devices at various speeds and size to meet the needs of our campus and users. Contact names and numbers are listed below to assist you with your duplicating needs and questions.

From a technical perspective these standards are imperative as we continually seek to improve support and functionality to our customers. The new Ricoh:

  • Full functionality and ease of administration with our network infrastructure
  • Platform of common devices for maintenance
  • Inventory and asset tracking component for cost recovery

From a user perspective these standards will help:

  • Provide users flexibility and opportunity to fully utilize the functionality provided by the device
  • Greater assurance of device working properly; faster response on issues
  • Reduce the time spent on evaluating rogue devices
  • Stewardship of department and university resources

We are very excited about this opportunity to enhance equipment functionality for all departments and thank you in advance for your cooperation. The critical contact information you will need is as follows.

New equipment leasing;
Monty Mcnutt - Ikon Office Solution - 918-499-5550

Questions about equipment or lease or standards
Wanda Rountree - OSU Central Services - 918-594-8443


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