Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

OSU in Tulsa Campaign Goal


Facility Renovation and Expansion $8,750,000
Completion of School for Forensics at OSU-CHS $7,000,000
Center for Family Health  $1,500,000
Helmerich Center Classroom $250,000
Student Support $8,000,000
Impact Tulsa Scholarship Program $3,000,000
Rural Health Scholarship Program $5,000,000
Faculty Support $4,000,000
Endowed Professorships at OSU-CHS $4,000,000
Program Support  $1,900,000
Medical Manikins and Educational Equipment $1,000,000
Research Support at the Helmerich Center $300,000
Research Support at CHS $300,000
HIV/AIDS clinic mental health $250,000
Aerospace Medical Practice $50,000

Campaign Detail

Facility Support $8,750,000


Forensics Research and Training Facility

The OSU Center for Health Sciences includes graduate programs in forensic sciences, biomedical sciences and healthcare administration, in addition to osteopathic medicine.  The biomedical and forensics faculty have recently moved into more spacious and better equipped laboratories in the new building; however, the fifth floor of the building has not been completed.  The fifth floor will provide space needed to train the next generation of forensics experts, as OSU offers one of the top ten graduate programs for Forensic Sciences in the nation. In addition to faculty offices, classrooms and labs for training in toxicology, pathology and improvised explosives, a specialized teaching crime lab is needed.  The crime lab will be set up like a house or apartment, with video equipment to allow for observation by faculty as students handle staged criminal investigations.    This funding opportunity includes naming rights for the School of Forensics. 

$7 million


New Center for Family Health

With a "whole person" approach to medicine and a focus on preventive care, the Department of Pediatrics will work with the Center for Family Resilience to provide an innovative clinical and community-centered obesity prevention and treatment program. Through unique interventions, initiatives and collaborations, this multi-disciplinary center seeks to support children and families in leading healthier lives.

$1.5 million


Named Auditorium in Helmerich Research Center

The Helmerich Research Center at OSU-Tulsa houses laboratories for faculty and graduate students who will develop the next generation of composites and materials to be used by many Oklahoma industries.  The 123,000 square-foot building can house up to 40 faculty and 100 graduate students.  Additionally, there are two high-tech seminar rooms, one seating 125 and one seating 40, available for lectures, seminars and conferences.  The naming opportunity available is for the larger of the two seminar rooms and the funds will provide important updates to laboratory equipment and technology.

Student Support $8,000,000


Impact Tulsa Scholarships

Many OSU-Tulsa students are balancing family, work and school, and the cost of higher education is the primary impediment to attending college.  These scholarships allow more students the opportunity to earn an internationally-respected OSU degree. Named scholarships may be endowed for gifts of at least $25,000.

$3 million


College of Osteopathic Medicine Early Admissions Scholarships

Oklahoma is ranked 48th in the nation in overall health and 49th in the number of primary care physicians per capita. In fact, 64 of Oklahoma's 77 counties are rated as Heath Professional Shortage Areas and nearly 20 percent of the primary care physicians in Oklahoma are over the age of 65.  By identifying students from rural areas and allowing early admission to medical school, OSU will reduce the number of years required to become a doctor from eight to seven.  Additionally, students who have a desire to return to rural Oklahoma to practice primary care medicine will be given preference for Early Admissions Scholarships, which will provide full or partial tuition for selected students during their undergraduate education.

$5 million
Faculty Support $4,000,000


Endowed Chairs and Professorships

One of the single greatest contributions to a university's prestige is the faculty who call it home.  A vital component in attracting and retaining renowned faculty researchers are endowed chairs and professorships.  Eligible for a state match, these elite positions dramatically impact education and research by attracting outstanding faculty with national and international recognition for quality teaching and research.  Establishing an endowed chair or professorship is also a way to honor the outstanding and influential professors at OSU who inspire, enhance and challenge young minds.

$4 million
Program Support $1,900,000


Clinical teaching equipment for College of Osteopathic Medicine

The newest generation of students experiences dramatically improved opportunities to learn vital skills through realistic and interactive models.  The newest technology allows today's students to learn clinical and surgical procedures on the highest quality medical manikins, better preparing them for real-world emergencies.

$1 million


Center for Aerospace and Hyperbaric Medicine (CAHM) medical practice acquisition

CAHM is currently the only university owned research facility that houses hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers, in addition to research chambers and simulators.  The faculty has developed a plan to add an Aerospace Medicine Residency Program, which includes the purchase of the practice of a retiring Aviation Medical Examiner.



HIV/AIDS Clinic, Mental Health Care

OSU-CHS Internal Medicine Specialty Services offers comprehensive medical and specialty care services, care coordination and mental health and substance abuse services for individuals in Oklahoma who are living with HIV or AIDS.  Recent decreased federal funding has necessitated cutbacks in the mental health and substance abuse programs, requiring our specialists to deny care to many who rely on these services.  $50,000 per year will allow the Clinic to return to its former level of care. 



Biomedical, Forensics and Engineering Research Grants

Current research projects are varied – from discovering the causes of Autism and Parkinson's and developing topical pain relief for sufferers of arthritis to aiding Tulsa Police and the FBI in criminal cases and repurposing used carpet as a building material.  These grants would provide stipends for a graduate student to assist the principal investigator in his or her research.

$600,000; $25,000 per year per project


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