Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Student Code of Conduct - Implementation of Sanctions

Student Code of Conduct

VI. Implementation of Sanctions

Disciplinary actions or grievance decisions shall not be implemented until either the time for appeal has expired, until the entire appeal process is completed or the individual or group voluntarily waives the right to appeal in writing. Exception to delaying the implementation of sanctions until the process is complete include: 1) when interim suspension has been invoked by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (see Interim Suspension procedures for details [Section II, C]); or 2) to protect the safety of others on the campus.

Reviewing authority is retained by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, at his/her discretion, to convert any sanction imposed to a lesser sanction, to rescind any previous sanction, or to return a recommended sanction to a disciplinary committee for review and/or reconsideration.

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