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Student Code of Conduct - Disciplinary Sanctions

Student Code of Conduct

VIII. Disciplinary Sanctions

Although not intended to be inclusive, the following are possible sanctions that may be imposed, either singularly or in combination for a student or group/organization.

  1. Reprimand may be oral or written, warning that further violations of University regulations could result in additional disciplinary action.
  2. Restriction upon a student's privileges for a period of time and may include but not be limited to denial of use of facilities or access to parts of campus, denial of the right to represent the University, denial of participation in extra-curricular activities.
  3. Voluntary Project is community service or an education class or project beneficial to the individual, campus or community.
  4. Restitution is the actual cost of repair or replacement for loss, damage, or injury to property or person, such as medical bills.
  5. Deactivation is a group's loss of all privileges, including Oklahoma State University recognition, for a specified period of time.
  6. Enrollment hold is a "hold" on enrollment privileges for failure to meet with the Student Conduct Officer or other hearing officer or for failure to comply with assigned conditions or complete assigned sanctions. This hold can prevent the adding or dropping of classes and enrolling for subsequent terms.
  7. Cancellation of enrollment can be implemented where a previous hold has been cleared with the condition that the enrollment will be cancelled for failure to meet the conditions of the clearance. If cancelled, the refund of tuition or fees will be subject to the University's normal withdrawal policy.
  8. Class Removal occurs when a student is dropped from a class or moved to another section of a class. Faculty, in consultation with the Coordinator of Student Conduct Education and Administration, reserve the right to interimly suspend a student from class pending a hearing for alleged violations of the Code of Conduct occurring in the classroom that substantially interfere with the instructor’s ability to teach and/or others students’ ability to learn.
  9. Graduation hold for failure to respond to a request to meet with the Student Conduct Officer or other hearing officer, or for noncompliance with disciplinary sanctions. The Chief Student Affairs Officer may place a hold on a student's participation in graduation exercises and/or diploma.
  10. No Contact Order is an absolute prohibition from contact with another person in any form whatsoever (including but not limited to contact in person, by phone, electronically, or through another person). Violating a University-imposed No Contact Order may result in suspension from the University.
  11. Conduct Probation Level I is a specified period of time during which the student is placed on formal notice that s/he is not in good standing with the University and that further violations of University regulations will subject him/her to suspension or expulsion from the University. Probation may include additional conditions or sanctions. The probationary status and conditions are documented in writing.
  12. Conduct Probation Level 2 adds to Level 1 the stipulation that students are prohibited from participation in any extracurricular activities not directly associated with academics (e.g., intramural sports, attending athletic events, student organizations /clubs/associations, leadership positions within housing or fraternities/sororities or other organizations). Students must apply to get off Conduct Probation Level 2 by submitting documentation of their significant proactive efforts to become good citizens of the community and engage in responsible, productive behavior.
  13. Disciplinary suspension is written notification of the termination of a student's status with the University for a specified period of time and includes a student's total separation from the University. Students who are suspended from Oklahoma State University are not permitted on campus at any time for any reason during the period of suspension/expulsion, unless otherwise directed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee. Conditions for re-admission shall be stated in the written notification, including the approval of Student Conduct Education and Administration. Notation on the transcript is not made, however, a record of the action is maintained in the student’s permanent record in the Registrar’s Office for the duration of the suspension. If a transcript is requested during the period of suspension, the Student Conduct Office will send a letter to the requesting party/institution stating the student is under suspension for conduct reasons. Any refund of tuition or fees will be subject to the University's normal withdrawal policy.
  14. Disciplinary expulsion is written notification of permanent separation of the student from the University. Expulsion will be recorded on the front of the academic transcript and becomes a permanent part of a student's disciplinary record. Any refund of tuition or fees will be subject to the University's normal withdrawal policy.
  15. Admission and Readmission Requirements are conditions for admission given to students whose admission requires a clearance from the Student Conduct Office and Administration.
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