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We can help you get there from here

When you're considering attending college full-time or part-time, it's natural for questions to arise.

We understand your time and money are valuable. An OSU degree is an investment in your future and the long-term payoff is well worth the time it takes to achieve your goal. OSU-Tulsa's academic advisors and financial aid counselors are here to provide individualized assistance to overcome any obstacle and help you get there from here.

You're busy. You have personal and professional commitments that create a demanding schedule. But, starting or finishing your degree is possible, even if you're balancing family, work and school. And flexibility is the key to your success. OSU-Tulsa offers a variety of coursework options to fit your schedule:

  • Traditional
    Complete a traditional 16-week course by attending class during a scheduled time each week. Most OSU-Tulsa classes meet only once or twice a week and may be offered during the day or evening.
  • Short-term or intersession
    Earn credit hours by completing a course in a few short days or weeks. Short-term or intersession courses may be offered during the semester or between semesters and during university holidays.
  • Online
    Distance learning courses offer flexibility and convenience for busy schedules. Connect with classmates and instructors through the OSU online classroom and community.
  • Independent Study
    Students in independent study courses do not meet in formally scheduled class sessions, but usually have one-on-one sessions with their instructor to discuss readings, assignments and projects.

Your OSU-Tulsa academic advisor is your personal consultant to scheduling the right classes and hours to make college work for you. Schedule an advising appointment to discuss maximizing your transfer classes and how to fit OSU-Tulsa classes in to your lifestyle.

OSU-Tulsa is one of the best values in the Big 12, meaning you’ll keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket. We’re committed to helping you pay for college.

  • Financial Aid
    Whether you’re interested in scholarships, loans, grants or other forms of financial aid, there are options available to fund your education dreams. If you qualify, you may be offered a combination of these types of aid depending on your financial need and the funds available.
  • Scholarships and Tuition Waivers
    OSU awards more than $250 million in aid each year, helping you offset the cost of college. Academic success can lead to earning scholarships or tuition waivers at OSU-Tulsa. Tuition waivers for new transfer students enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis help cover part of your tuition cost. Cash scholarships, provided through private donations, can assist students in paying their educational expenses.
  • Payment Option Plan
    OSU offers a semester-based payment option plan that allows students to pay university-billed expenses in regular monthly payments with no finance charges. You can pay for your education through the semester.
  • Rent-A-Text
    The OSU-Tulsa Bookstore offers students a rental program on textbooks for select courses. The Rent-A-Text program can offer students a savings of 50 percent or more off the price of new textbooks.
  • Work Opportunities
    Work study is an employment program for students who demonstrate financial need. Jobs are available on the OSU-Tulsa campus. Additional employment opportunities are available to all OSU students. Visit hireosugrads.com for part-time and full-time job listings. Types of jobs, pay rates and work schedules vary greatly.

Whether you're looking for a more secure future, increased earning power or more opportunities, finishing your degree at OSU-Tulsa can help you get there. From greater income potential to a better quality of life, getting your bachelor’s degree provides benefits that last a lifetime.

  • Higher Salary
    A high-quality education from OSU-Tulsa is an investment in your future. U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn $1.1 million more than high school graduates during their careers. You’re also more likely to receive better benefits and have better job security than individuals without a degree.
  • Job Opportunities
    People everywhere recognize the Oklahoma State University name. Having a degree from a well-known, respected university provides instant credibility. The Wall Street Journal recently named OSU also one of the top 45 schools whose graduates are top-rated by recruiters. OSU was the only Oklahoma institution to receive this recognition. And as an OSU graduate, you’ll enjoy the lifetime benefits of being connected to a network of loyal OSU alumni.
  • Excellent Value, Less Debt
    The Princeton Review recently named OSU one of the nation’s 50 “Best Value” public colleges and universities. You’re making your dollars count by earning a respected Big 12 degree at an affordable price.
  • Personal Satisfaction
    When you receive your degree from one of the many programs offered at OSU-Tulsa, you’ll know you’ve accomplished something special. Not only are you prepared for your career, but you have also have made friends and connections that will last a lifetime.


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