Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Tutoring Services

OSU-Tulsa Tutoring Services offers free writing and math tutoring to all OSU-Tulsa students. Tutoring Services provides 50-minute, one-on-one tutorials that can assist students with writing assignments at any phase of the writing process, including brainstorming, organization, developing support, and documenting sources. Tutoring Services also offers 50-minute math tutorials for topics such as statistics, economics, accounting, finance and linear algebra. Call or email to schedule an appointment.

Note that since Tutoring Services is an instructional-based resource, tutors are not permitted to proofread or copy-edit papers or provide answers to math problems. However, they can help students develop editing and proofreading skills and teach students how to work through their own math problems to arrive at correct solutions.

Location and Contact Information

North Hall 103
(just behind the Information Center in North Hall)
Phone: 918-594-8232
Fax: 918-594-8356

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